Latest List Building Techniques – 4 of the Latest Techniques to Build a Powerful List of Customers

Customers are so important. These people are the lifeblood of your online business, because without them you have no business. That being the case, you need as many people to sign up to your list as possible. To get these specifically targeted people to sign up with you, you’ll have to entice them with your top-notch information about how to fulfil their interests and desires. The information you’ll supply will help them in their pursuit to achieve whatever it is they desire from their niche.

Here are 4 of the latest techniques to help you build a powerful customer base:

1. Build a list with online video marketing. Online videos are really coming on strong nowadays. There’s so much more that you can express in a video, and quite often the visual aspect is a lot more powerful than other formats of marketing. You can create a video in several ways with several choices of software. Some videos are like a PowerPoint presentation, whilst you may prefer to record yourself doing a presentation. Keep the length of the video in mind with respect to the concentration versus boredom span of your visitors. You must keep their attention span for the whole video.

2. List building through ezines and forums. Pay a regular visit to ezines and forums in your niche, since they offer a sound platform from which to generate traffic, and traffic will lead to potential subscribers for your website. Make a valuable contributions and answers to people’s pressing questions. Add your resource box to conclude your posts.

3. W2.0 sites are another valuable tools for your marketing. Blogs, Facebook, and MySpace, are examples of where you can find people in your niche who have burning questions that need answers. Answer these questions with the kind of information they crave, and there’s every chance you’ll win more subscribers.

4. Use Ebooks to build important links back to your site. Place your landing page URL link strategically throughout your content and send them for free to multiple online media sources. Alternatively you can use them as free informative products as a bonus to other products you’re marketing.

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