Are You Sure If You Are Not Missing Some Critical Facts Of Tax And Accounting Application Hosting

As a tax or accounting practitioner, you may not have enough technical expertise to delve deeper into different security aspects of cloud, but you should understand the fact that cloud based resources have always been prone to different security threats. It is widely known that critical business information of tax and accounting requires strict security measures, since basic security practices become insufficient to tackle the high magnitude challenges that arise day by day. If so, your current hosting platform may have a few security holes to pose stronger threats to your valuable business data. Though, it may be possible that the data have still not been compromised but if not taken proper action at the right time, you may lose your critical business information resulting in huge business failure. Therefore, it is imperative to know that what are those hidden security risks that have not been unearthed yet to you?

IEEE (a world level independent body for research and development of Internet and associated resources) released a white-paper stating that the RDP (remote desktop protocol that is generally used to access cloud based servers) has been vulnerable to DOS and DDOS attacks. (DOS, Denial of Service is a kind of attack where some programs at suspicious location send large number of packets to the cloud servers, resulting in various performance issues). So far, no authentic security mechanism has been developed to efficiently tackle these attacks, however, systematic security approaches are required to quickly identify and rectify the problem at some level. As of now, you have become aware about the serious challenge that could have been posing nasty threat to your personal as well as professional information. But, how can you be sure that your hosting provider has efficient security settings to successfully avoid the DOS attacks?

After considering the fact that your critical business information and confidential data may have put on stake due to the lack of stronger security measures, immediate actions are required to permanently close those loopholes. A general inquiry to your current cloud hosting provider can let them to explain their security arrangements, followed by your observation, if that satisfies. Since, no concrete technology has been developed so far to tackle this challenge, but there are a series of smaller technical steps if made to work together, we can minimize the chances of DOS attacks. In the current tech savvy world, as a cloud user, you must spend some time reviewing the options that work efficiently to avoid DOS attacks. What are those options

Some actions must be taken at network level which help to avoid such attacks at some extents, though, that is not at all enough. Furthermore, each cloud instances should have IP ban utilities (it automatically bans destination IP address if find a few invalid communication attempts) installed. It almost solves half of our purpose, but still that is not sufficient alone. Since DOS attacks cause instant performance issues, an efficient monitoring tool which gives current performance statistics of our resources, can immediately notify us about the performance problem that leads us to take prompt action. Regular reviews of system logs can further make our approaches better towards this consistent threat.


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